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How Imran Khan became Prime Minister of Pakistan

How Imran Khan became Prime Minister of Pakistan

On the 27th of July 2018, a miracle happened! After countless years of unforgettable battles, Imran Khan was finally able to capture the victory and become the 19th Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The drink he was holding was Red Bull

The drink he was holding was Red Bull

Every time I watch it, I’m reminded of what Dietrich was able to do with his life. He got rich not by inventing a new product…, but by selling an ordinary one inventively.

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Haven't decided the topic yet, but it's going to be something mind twisting.

I can manipulate digital memories however I want

I can manipulate digital memories however I want

My very first memory of using an Adobe product is a bit vague, but the feeling it gave me, is still very vivid in my mind. I was confused, amazed, inspired, jaw-dropped, all at the same time. Photoshop was the first Adobe product that I used and I didn’t know what to think of it except that now I can manipulate digital memories however I want.

A Tom Cruise Picture

A Tom Cruise Picture

I can’t accurately pinpoint the exact memory where I realized the guy I’m watching on the screen is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. But if I had to pick a moment, it was probably when the first Mission Impossible came out and I saw Tom Cruise in some of the craziest scenes that you could only see in a Tom Cruise movie.

Robert Downey Jr vs Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr vs Robert Downey Jr

behind all the flawless dialogue deliveries, inimitable movements and the complete embodiment of his characters, there’s a haunting backstory…, of Robert Downey Jr. vs. Robert Downey Jr.

The Rock said I'm broke and one day I won't be

The Rock said I'm broke and one day I won't be

When The Rock’s initial run in the WWE came to an end, it was when he suffered from his very first knee injury…, and even though he was playing a hero character, the audience had already turned on him and begun chanting what would be a major turning point, Rocky sucks!

How not to fall in love - vol. 2

How not to fall in love

Lee faced a hard time accepting the fact that now his professional and personal life, both were blooming. Everything felt too good to be true, damn near perfect and at the brink of collapsing. The mother of all cliché twists happens…, Lee finds out there’s another guy Zara was attracted to, employed at the same workplace…, Alan.

How the mind of Heath Ledger created The Joker

Heath Ledger The Joker

Imaginative, chaotic, restless..., the one word to describe the mind of Heath Ledger is perhaps, overdrive. His thought process was constantly on the go trying to figure out what to do next and once figured out, it was constantly on the go to find out how to do it.He longed to express himself with the aim to take his psyche apart piece by piece and recollect everything into something mind twisting.

What's Johnny Depp trying to say?

What's Johnny Depp trying to say

On the 29th of July, 2013, Johnny Depp said the following in an interview with BBC Radio: When you add up the amount of dialogue that you say per year and you realize that you've said written words more than you've had a chance to say your own words, you start thinking about that as an insane option for a human being.

Was Jim Carrey Pretending to be a Comedian?

Was Jim Carrey pretending to be a Comedian

Perhaps we’ll always remember him as a one of a kind comedian with a thousand faces, but the truth is, more than being a funny guy, Jim Carrey has the greatest command over dramatic moments that puts a doubt in our minds as to whether he’s actually a comedian or was he just pretending to be one?

Creating Superman

Creating Superman

One man is just not supposed to have so much power stocked up altogether, it just doesn’t make any sense and that’s where the issue with Superman lies. Superman doesn’t make any sense, but for some twisted psychological reason, he is one of the biggest pop culture icons in the world today.

Batman's Never Ending Timeline

Batman's Never Ending Timeline

Countless ideas, concepts, artworks, comics, movies and stories, a lot of different minds have tried to capture the essence of who the batman is and what he’s capable of. Some of them have succeeded in making the Batman a legend and an example for other storytellers to capture an immensely inspiring figure into their own fictional characters.

How Not To Fall In Love?

How not to fall in love

When it comes to dealing with emotions, it could arguably unanimously agreed, there is one emotion that cannot be controlled…, the emotion of love. This got me curious to find out if it’s actually possible to somehow just stop yourself…, from falling in love.

What Makes A Brock Lesnar Match So Interesting?

Brock Lesnar

Even in the beginning when Brock stepped inside a wrestling ring for the very first time, his matches were nothing less than thrilling. But the Brock Lesnar we see today is on a completely different universe than the Brock Lesnar we saw a decade ago and we just cannot possibly fathom for another WWE superstar to reach the level that Brock Lesnar is on today. So what makes a modern day Brock Lesnar match so interesting that it becomes almost impossible for you not to tune-in?

Call me The Punisher

Call me The Punisher

Watching the 2004’s Punisher, starring Thomas Jane, I began recalling how much I loved this movie when I was a kid. But as time went on, as much as I hate to admit it, the taste of the punisher has kind of faded away for me. But if there’s one thing from the whole film that stood the test of time then it’s most definitely the incredibly powerful performance by Thomas Jane as Frank Castle AKA the Punisher.

Tactical - Finding a job in Dubai

Tactical - Finding a job in Dubai

Back in December 2016, the digital marketing director of McDonald’s franchise in Dubai, who also happens to be my first cousin, suggested that I should also move to Dubai and find a company to work with which can further establish my career as a storyteller. But currently, I’m doing very well where I am, so why would I leave my native country and move to someplace that I just don’t know?

Mercedes Benz - Story of a Thousand Hours

Mercedes Benz - Story of a Thousand Hours

It took dozens of prototypes, hundreds of crash simulations, thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship and an infinite reserve of patients to create something that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road. This was the description that got me interested in taking a closer look at Mercedes Benz, a name that is rightfully linked to impeccable car designs.

McDonald's Is Not Just About Burgers

McDonald's Commercials

I’m critiquing their commercials because as a film director and a storyteller, this is very disturbing to me that not only these commercials are tonally confused, but the storytelling of these commercials is not intriguing enough even if you watch the commercials separately as standalone stories.

The Desire to Forget Someone and the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Film philosophy on the Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

When you think about getting rid of a loved one because of some small amount of bad experience, you will realize that you actually need them and you can’t live without them and they’re the only reason for making your life interesting and meaningful to whatever extent possible.

Transformers - What's missing from Michael Bay's Vision?

Film philosophy on Michael Bay's Transformers

In all of Michael Bay’s effort to bring this incredible vision to life, there was something missing from the film which could have tied together the transformers, the element of horror and the story of this movie.

The Confidence Of Frank Abagnale

Film philosophy on Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can is an incredible film with an incredibly confident character, so if you’re looking to find some inspiration for gaining confidence to handle interesting situations, then I would highly recommend watching this film again and again while taking a closer look at Frank Abagnale Jr.

Is Norman A Villain Or A Victim

Film philosophy on Spider-man

I don’t know how wrong I am, but I think a man’s dark side never takes over him when he’s simply fighting for love. It takes over when a man is continuously pushing to keep the one thing alive that makes him who he is.

Will You Choose The Real World Or The Matrix?

Film philosophy on The Matrix

What if someday your life crumbles. You lose your job, your passion doesn’t work out and you look at yourself in the mirror as a big fat loser. If someone puts a scenario like this in front of me and then gives me the same choice as given to cipher, would I still go for it? I honestly don’t know, but what I do know is that I want to know your thoughts about the scenario I gave you and what would you do if given the same choice as Cypher?

I am Iron Man

Film philosophy on Iron Man

A child’s simple question about where are his mother and father and other refugee’s hope about if someone out there will listen to their cries for help finally pushes Tony towards evolving into the man he was always born to be. He doesn’t just wear a suit and decide to go save people, but he takes an oath and truly becomes Iron Man.

That Nobody Is John Wick

Film philosophy on John Wick

Throughout the film we witness how great John Wick is at killing people and he reaps some intense thrills out of his violent rampages. And this is what this action thriller is about, it’s about building John Wick first and action second.

Donald Trump Is A Great Movie Character

Film philosophy on Donald Trump

since I’m a film director who’s big on character, there’s one thought that constantly crosses my mind every time I look at him or think about him. Donald Trump’s personality would make a great main character for a movie.

How To Make A Short Film

Writing The Concept

When the film cuts to black

A concept is the very basic idea of the film which gives you an idea of what could potentially be the final story of the character in your movie.

Writing The Character

How to make a short film - Writing the character

Next Monday, stay tuned for the vlog on how to make a short film - writing a character

Writing The Story

How to make a short film - Writing a story

Next to next Monday, stay tuned for the vlog on how to make a short film - writing a story


When The Film Cuts To Black

When the film cuts to black

Cut to black is an editing technique when the storytellers end something right then and there and jump to a big black frame. Whatever comes next, depends upon the storytelling style of the film director.

What The Film Audience Wants

What the film audience wants

For a film director, an audience is a group of people who go to the cinema or the internet to gain an experience. Will the experience be good or bad, depends upon your storytelling style, abilities and the audience’s taste.

Million Dollar Question About Storytelling

Million Dollar question about Storytelling

Whether the audiences will like my story or not? The question that most filmmakers and storytellers don’t even know that this is the very first thing they should be asking themselves.

What it means to be a Great Storyteller

What does it mean to be a storyteller

If you’re able to inspire even one person who then goes on to changing the world in the biggest way possible then you’ve accomplished your mission as a great storyteller.

How Storytelling Changed My Life

How storytelling told me why was I sent to planet Earth

All it takes sometimes to change your life is once little incredible story.

My Biggest Storytelling Mistake

Storytelling Mistake

My confession about the worst storytelling mistake I made.