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Timeline - Shortfilm

Idea behind the Film

The past, the present and the future. I wanted to convey the thoughts of a man stuck in the dilemma of having a religion but slowly losing it without even realizing it.

Writing of the Film

The topic of this film was something I always wanted to express but never actually got around to doing so. But even though, I finally got around to saying what I wanted to say, I made sure the narrative wouldn’t be something that the audience could view without paying attention.

I made sure to infuse the story with so many thoughts and a rich moral tale that the audience would be enticed to go along the journey of witnessing the transformation of an ordinary religious man into something he didn’t know exist.

Production of the Film

I have already covered the production of this film over here, but if you haven't checked that, continue to read on. The filming of this project was quite simple as I had only one location and one actor to deal with. The tricky part was to start the filming at sunrise and getting it done before dark.

I made a conscious decision to only use available lighting for two reasons. The first was to give it a unique natural look and the second was to film the project all by myself without having any other crew member on set because when you're all alone, dealing with a lot of heavy equipment is quite a big hassle and time consuming.

Editing of the Film

Since I was the director of this film, editing the film was quite simple as I like to have a precise vision as opposed to shooting a lot of different takes and angles and then figuring out the vision later.

The only challenge I had was that during the writing process, the shots which I were jotting down, I thought would match perfectly with the voice over. But not much to my surprise, it became a challenge to decide which shots to keep and which to discard in order to pace the video properly without any extra fat.

Impact of the Final Film

I was almost satisfied with the final result of the film as I was able to almost achieve what I wanted. The naturalistic dim look and the mind twisting feel of the narrative.

If there is one thing I would readily change is the voice over. Since I was unable to convince anyone to provide their voice to this project, I had to settle on my own voice.

Let's Collaborate

If you shot some footage and need someone to edit the video or if you have an idea for a short film and you need someone to write the screenplay, I would love to jump on baord and collaborate with you. Have a look at my other works to see my style and experience which I build over the years.

Your Thoughts

Let me know in the comments how you think I could have made this film much better and much more engaging?
I would really appreciate some constructive criticism in order to become a much better filmmaker and a much better storyteller.