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Tactical - Finding a job in Dubai

Back in December 2016, the digital marketing director of McDonald’s franchise in Dubai, who also happens to be my first cousin, suggested that I should also move to Dubai and find a company to work with which can further establish my career as a storyteller.

But currently, I’m doing very well where I am, so why would I leave my native country and move to someplace that I just don’t know?

But, just for the sake of an experience, I said to myself that if I could find a company that immensely entices me as a storyteller, then I would happily welcome the journey of finally moving out of Pakistan and moving into Dubai.

Tactical - Finding a job in Dubai

Now here’s the thing you should know about me, I would never work with a company that’s only interested in making money and has no priority of impacting people’s lives even in some small amount that matters.

This belief became my journey of finding a company that allows its employees to stay relaxed and gives them the freedom to tell incredibly inspiring stories with the main target of leaving a memorable impact.

Fast forward a few days of exhaustive research and hell amounts of coffee, I stumbled upon a company called Tactical.

Originally, Tactical was suppose to be the idea for an app that perhaps would have made millions for them. Unfortunately, the app idea didn't work out so well, but the learning curve gave them the boost to start out as a web and mobile agency.

From there, Tactical became a creatively agile full service digital agency that has worked with brands like Mercedes Benz to further establish their digital presence.

Tactical - Finding a job in Dubai

I started going through all their activities on their social media channels and by far, the most interesting I found was their Instagram page. Just take a look at the kind of Imagery they’re portraying to the world. They're fun, chilled out and immensely creative. It seems like Tactical really does allow the employees loads and loads of amount of freedom so they can become fully at ease and produce the best work possible.

When a like-minded potential client would stumble upon their social media presence, they would instantly know that Tactical has the kind of people that they would love to interact with and get the job done. That is what Tactical believes in, getting the job done with fun like-minded people because otherwise they wouldn't be able to tackle the projects in the uniquely creative way that they know would best serve the client and their own desires to produce something meaningful.

Tactical - Finding a job in Dubai

With all this information, I once again visited Tactical’s website and saw their golden words 'Not everything works out, but that's not always a bad thing'. I was instantly sold as I had found the perfect people to whom I can pitch to start a new YouTube channel for making video essays like these and further establish their presence through thoughtful and original content.

Now came the most challenging part where I had to create a strategy through which I could approach Tactical and pitch them about how I can lead a new department about video essays and become an integral part at their company. Hence, the idea for this video was born where I have explained my journey of finding Tactical, what an amazing bunch of people work over there and how I would love to produce some awesome video essays with these guys.

Tactical - Finding a job in Dubai

Tactical is one of those rare companies that would entice you to collaborate with them as a storyteller and so now, I’m immensely enticed to work with them as a storyteller. So if you’re a storyteller or a story lover yourself, I would highly recommend checking out Tactical’s Instagram page for which you can click the link here.

Until then, if you liked this story, be sure to share this with your friends and subscribe to my channel so you can stay tuned to some storytelling goodness every now and then. In the hopes to connect with story lovers all over the world, this is Mr. Zeecon, in the making of a great story.

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