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I am Iron Man

A Look Into Tony Stark's Mind

Who is Tony Stark? He is a relaxed, chilled and a laid back genius who loves to sip alcohol and subconsciously look like somewhere in between casual and formal aesthetics.

The way he speaks makes him sound friendly, witty and involved in the situation he is in and wants to lighten the mood whenever he can. Talking is like his defense mechanism and a tool with which he rapidly functions his brain to think about what to do next, but intensely severe situations silence him where he finally doesn’t use his words to think about the next move.

His great mind makes him even more likable but his interest in weapons is quite intriguing and sad at the same time because when he could have been building anything he wanted, he longed to build the killing machines.

Filmmaking on Iron Man

A person like Rhodey being a friend of Tony’s tells you that perhaps there’s a super sophisticated person inside Tony or perhaps he desires to be more like Rhodey. The latter is pretty unlikely because Tony doesn’t really care how he appears to the world.

Tony’s presence in a casino at 01:38 in the video as oppose to the awards ceremony accepting his award own tells us that he cares more about relaxing his mind than to attend a function and gathering an applause that he doesn’t really believe in.

Tony has come up with a psychologically twisted explanation for his interest in weapons development. He wants to maintain peace, but he genuinely doesn’t know he’s on the wrong side of the line.

Filmmaking on Tony Stark

Pepper Potts, another responsible character is close to Tony yet Tony doesn’t show his responsible side ever which makes you even more curious about his psychological state. He wants to make everything fun, but why? There’s an unsolvable mystery to it, because he continuously seeks it.

He is extremely cocky with his weapons and thinks he earned this power and ego. He doesn’t realize the underlying responsibility that he has been given by God. But finally, a point comes in his life when he realizes what is intense pain and the hardship that surrounds a lot of lives. For the first time ever, he comes completely out of his comfort life.

Now even when his life is in danger at 03:11 in the video, without thinking of the repercussions, he refuses to let the enemy have his creation. Not just his weapon, but his creation and this leads to a torture that becomes just another step towards his transition into a new person and we know it would change him in a big way.

Filmmaking on Iron Man

But once he gathers himself up, he goes back to his usual talky self because that’s his best defense and that leads to once again finding comfort in the position of building a weapon. This time, he forgets that the world outside exists while he builds his machine and that is the point he realizes that Iron Man always existed somewhere in the back of his mind. But who is Iron Man and what it could be, he doesn’t really know it yet. But what he does know is that no one’s gonna cry when he’s gone and it doesn’t really bother him and this factor of not being bothered leads him to finally using his own weapon fearlessly for the very first time. But it’s not just any weapon, it’s his greatest creation yet and he fully embraces the thrills of it.

Finally, he moves out of this life changing scenario with nothing but Yinsen’s last words which lead him to acknowledging what he’s not suppose to with his life. Yinsen says “Don’t’ waste your life” and then passes away.

Obadiah’s presence is very interesting in the sense that it feels like this is what Tony would have grown to become had he not gone through an unusually difficult time in his life which leads him to finally acknowledging the importance of life. But the fact that he mentions only Americans dying at 05:10, means there’s still something screwed up in his mind and he still doesn’t understand how the world works in this regard.

Filmmaking on Iron Man

Tony is still naïve when it comes to identifying a threat, in this case, Obadiah. At 05:49, he goes back to lightning up the mood even when his life is at stake or perhaps it was Pepper’s presence that made him feel safe. His personality is too complex and complicated to understand when it comes to his life. Does he care or does he not? He’s not really scared of disasters, he actually welcomes them and wants them to be challenging so he can stimulate his mind in great ways.

At 06:40, all the intense experience he goes through finally leads to this moment when he understands the responsibility he had been given.

He is mysteriously attached to Pepper and infatuated about why she continuously supports him when she clearly doesn’t have to. I mean even love has its limitations when it comes to tolerating certain aspects of your loved ones, so even if Pepper really is in love with Tony, there’s something more going on in the back of her mind. Tony’s attitude towards other Women is nonetheless still shameless. But after all the fun and games are over and Obadiah finally reveals what a threat he is to Tony and the rest of the world, Tony sits down and realizes the hidden pain inside of him about acknowledging that God gave him everything while some people out there suffer every day.

Filmmaking on Iron Man

A child’s simple question about where are his mother and father and other refugee’s hope about if someone out there will listen to their cries for help finally pushes Tony towards evolving into the man he was always born to be. He doesn’t just wear a suit and decide to go save people, but he takes an oath and truly becomes Iron Man.

In the end, Iron Man the film was about Tony Stark who was one of the best examples of irresponsibility having all the power in the world and then suddenly dropping all notions about irresponsibility and wearing a mask that is completely soulless towards the merciless villains of this world and finally acknowledging what responsibility is. He will now proudly lay destruction into the villain’s life and then silently walk away from the scene, but if there’s one thing he just couldn’t walk away from is all the love and attention he could potentially get. Because once he revealed himself to be Iron Man, unlike before, everyone will now miss him and look up to his legacy when Tony Stark is finally gone.

Filmmaking on Iron Man

There was a scene in the film when Yinsen asks Tony if he has anyone waiting for him back at home and Tony says no one which made Tony realize that there’s nobody who will genuinely care when Tony’s gone. So perhaps this was the seed for all the actions that Tony takes afterwards because by the end of the film when Tony reveals that he is Iron Man, everyone will now give damn when Tony is gone and this very seed was the inspiration for this video. So if you liked it, be sure let me know in the comments and remember to subscribe to my channel so you can stay tuned to some fun film philosophy every Monday.

So, in the hopes of connecting with film lovers all over the world, this is Mr. Zeecon, in the making of a great story.

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