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How not to fall in love - Vol. 2

Back in October 2017, Lee had embraced this beautiful relation of friendship, love and understanding with Zara. His misery long gone, his depression locked away and his pain while still there, felt lighter. He went to sleep every night being happy, he woke up every morning feeling optimistic.

On the other hand, Zara had found somebody who believed in her potential to go far and beyond of what a traditional society expects from a woman. She found somebody who could push her into becoming the best version of herself that she can be.

Lee faced a hard time accepting the fact that now his professional and personal life, both were blooming. Everything felt too good to be true, damn near perfect and at the brink of collapsing. The mother of all cliché twists happens…, Lee finds out there’s another guy Zara was attracted to, employed at the same workplace…, Alan.

How not to fall in love

When Lee and Zara’s relation was taking off, Alan was on vacation. But when he came back, he saw how close Lee and Zara had become and it started to bug him. Zara told Lee to be careful not to interact when Alan’s around as it made him jealous, but Lee couldn’t understand why, because Zara never told him the truth about Alan.

Soon, Lee started noticing the kind of intimate interaction there was between Zara and Alan, but he tried to shove it away as Lee refused to believe that Zara would hide something like this from him. But as days went by, the truth became quite apparent. Lee found out Alan had already extended a marriage proposal to Zara which she was confused about.

Compared to Lee, Alan was lacking intellect, financial status and the will to make it on his own without a supporting figure like Zara. Alan needed Zara to succeed in his life, yet he was very abusive towards her, not appreciating the value she had been adding to his life…, and Zara, even though being verbally abused by Alan every day, kept going back to him again and again.

How not to fall in love

When all the dots were connected, Lee’s mind went into overdrive and he figured that perhaps Zara was never in love with Lee. She was merely attracted to all the lovable qualities in him which she desperately wanted Alan to develop. He figured that perhaps Alan comes across as more of a human being compared to Lee, as Alan knows how to have fun and live his life. While Lee comes across as more of a robot, shoving himself into so much work to take his mind off from how lonely he felt inside. Because no matter how deep Lee’s connection became with Zara, his pain still continued to live inside of him.

One day, without any discussions, phone calls or mutual understanding, Lee subconsciously began to block Zara out of his life. He would try to speak less to her and avoid any eye contact wherever possible. Things became extremely hard for him, but his mind was adamant on what had to be done.

Once Zara found out what Lee’s mind was doing to him, she asked him to stop it as she started to feel hurt. But Lee couldn’t help it, he just had to detox and lock away all the memories to move on. Upon hearing Lee’s response, a tear rolled down Zara’s cheek and time stopped for a moment.

How not to fall in love

Lee felt like his detoxing had gone to a halt for a few seconds and he could use this window to ask Zara why she hid the truth from Lee. Zara became clueless, she had no idea her connection with Lee would grow this deep where they can’t see the other one leave.

So Lee made it simple, he asked Zara the simplest of all questions about her abusive relation with Alan. What made her go back to him again and again even though it was making her miserable and depressed?

How not to fall in love

Zara had no answer, she searched and searched her thoughts and feelings to cling onto something and bring back some sort of an answer, but she was nothing but blank. Lee looked her in the eyes and begged for an answer because when he doesn’t get the truth, he can’t stop overthinking and lay his thoughts to rest. His mind in fact makes up its own truth when not given the answers.

Zara politely requested some time to find the answer to Lee’s simple yet an intensely complicated question for her. This is where Lee and Zara parted ways with the stipulation of connecting once again if only Zara can give what Lee wants…, and all that Lee wants…, is nothing…, but the truth…

How not to fall in love

How not to fall in love is a very special series and the very first trilogy I’ll be producing. Love is a very complicated thing to have it in your own life and this was the presentation of how this emotion can take off between two complicated people, but such a cliched thing like a love triangle could damage their relation.

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In the hopes of connecting with story lovers all over the world, this is Mr. Zeecon, in the making of a great story.

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