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Delight - Animated Video

Idea behind the Video

This kind of feel and tone is totally out of what I normally produce. The goal was to accomplish a nice happy tone to entice families to come to this restaurant and have a great time.

Animation of the Video

Unlike my previous animated videos, I decided to keep it much more cleaner and much more simpler. The video showcases very carefully selected elements and plays with a nice soothing brown color palette focusing on mainly two things, the ambience and the food.

Impact of the Final Video

There's an extremely delightful feeling in the video, it's sophisticated, it's simple, it's sleek and most probably will definitely connect with families in order to entice them to pay this restaurant a visit. I'm almost happy with the feel and the tone of the video as it promises to deliver something delightful.

Let's Collaborate

If you shot some footage and need someone to edit the video, I would love to jump on baord and collaborate with you. Have a look at my other works to see my style and experience which I build over the years.

Your Thoughts

I really need your help to figure out how I could have made this video much more better and much more engaging?
I would truly appreciate some constructive criticism in order to become a much better filmmaker and a much better storyteller.