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Dareeche - Video Highlights

Idea behind the Video

A rising musician known as Zoe Viccaji was trying to launch her latest album in the best possible way by inviting other fellow musicians, critics and media personalities to the show and giving them a glimpse of the album and her life.

The goal was simply to capture various celebrity presence, the setup and of course, the star of the show herself.

Filming of the Video

Capturing Zoe Viccaji while performing on stage was no problem at all but the video demanded an introduction montage of Zoe arriving at the venue, greeting everybody and then moving on to the stage. This bit was quite challenging to capture and move around as a big crowd was continuously gathered around the artist of the hour.

Editing of the Video

The biggest lackluster element again is that the audio producers missed to record the dialogue that Zoe is speaking in between her song performances. So the only audio I had to work with is the audio recorded in my camera.

Besides coming to terms with the bad audio, there was no other challenge regarding the editing of the video. The placement of the shots one after the other is simple and guides the viewer from the beginning of the event to the finale of the night.

Impact of the Video

It's a simple video, with a simple execution, of a simple event shot on a simple camera. There's not much to take away from the video besides the proof that this event happened, I was there and totally uninspired to bring it to life.

Let's Collaborate

If you shot some footage and need someone to edit the video, I would love to jump on baord and collaborate with you. Have a look at my other works to see my style and experience which I build over the years.

Your Thoughts

Let me know in the comments how you think I could have made this video and it's story much better and much more engaging?
I would really appreciate some constructive criticism in order to become a much better filmmaker and a much better storyteller.