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Birthday Bash

Idea behind the Video

CityFM89 is one of the most fun places to work at, extremely chilled environment, no psychological pressure, positive and happy attitudes everywhere. CityFM89 successfully established itself as a radio channel within eight years and I was tasked to film the events on its 8th birthday to bring the essence of 89 come to life.

Filming of the Video

The video is loaded with fun moments and when I think about it, I simply got lucky in capturing them. I was lucky to be present at the exact moment where all the key fun moments were taking place.

This was one of the first videos which I was producing for CityFM89, so I was constantly on foot and vigilante in order to make sure I capture everything which would elevate the feel of the video from fun to memorable.

Editing of the Film

The thing which readily pops out is the pacing of the video. It starts with a big dash of rush and then continues the flow until the slow feel arrives which I was able to convey with after party shots of the location when everybody was done with the fun and left for home.

The music track is called big in Japan and everything about it complements the feel, the tone and the ambience which CityFM89 is all about.

Impact of the Final Video

I was almost satisfied with the end result as the video successfully steers you through the exhausting process of preparing for a party, launches you into the fun, makes you feel tired after enjoying the hell out of your evening and makes you realize what a beautiful life this really is where everyone can end up being happy.

Let's Collaborate

If you shot some footage and need someone to edit the video, I would love to jump on baord and collaborate with you. Have a look at my other works to see my style and experience which I build over the years.

Your Thoughts

I really need your help to figure out how I could have made this video much more better and much more engaging?
I would truly appreciate some constructive criticism in order to become a much better filmmaker and a much better storyteller.