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Robert Downey Jr vs Robert Downey Jr

Behind all the flawless dialogue deliveries, inimitable movements and the complete embodiment of his characters, there’s a haunting backstory…, of Robert Downey Jr. vs. Robert Downey Jr.Click to read

Mind Teasers

The Rock said I'm broke and one day I won't be

The Rock said I'm broke and one day I won't be

When The Rock’s initial run in the WWE came to an end, it was when he suffered from his very first knee injury…, and even though he was playing a hero character, the audience had already turned on him and begun chanting what would be a major turning point, Rocky sucks!

How not to fall in love - vol. 2

How not to fall in love

Lee faced a hard time accepting the fact that now his professional and personal life, both were blooming. Everything felt too good to be true, damn near perfect and at the brink of collapsing. The mother of all cliché twists happens…, Lee finds out there’s another guy Zara was attracted to, employed at the same workplace…, Alan.

How the mind of Heath Ledger created The Joker

Heath Ledger The Joker

Imaginative, chaotic, restless..., the one word to describe the mind of Heath Ledger is perhaps, overdrive. His thought process was constantly on the go trying to figure out what to do next and once figured out, it was constantly on the go to find out how to do it.He longed to express himself with the aim to take his psyche apart piece by piece and recollect everything into something mind twisting.

I Wanna Make Entertaining Films

I'll be making releasing video essays every Monday as I try to understand the magic of storytelling. Click to watch

How to make a great film?

Idea for a Film

You got an idea for a shortfilm, but need someone to write the screenplay?

How to write a great screenplay?

Shot Some Footage

You shot some footage, but need someone to edit the video?

Video Editing Services?


Now what?


1) Get in touch through email - zeecon4@gmail.com

2) Discuss the project, requirements, deadline and budget

3) If it's a video, transfer the footage through Dropbox or any other platform of your choice

4) Once the first draft of the video or the screenplay is complete, you will receive a low res file for the video or the PDF for the screenplay so you can address any changes

5) Once the changes are complete, you will receive the final high res video or the final draft of the screenplay

6) Then simply transfer the payment in my account through any platform of your choice

7) I love to work with like minded folks again and again. So if you're happy with our collaboration, you can come back for more any time

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